Contact Us

Hi There,
As you might have realized by now, we are not always open. Until we get a larger army of volunteers that will remain to be true. But that does not mean you cannot reach us.

Our main phone at the Bike Center will accept messages about any time, unless it gets too full.               440-323-BIKE (2453)

If you need to reach Ed Stewart, the manager, you can reach him at home 440-365-6784 or perhaps he’ll even be carrying his cell phone and it will be charged (!) at 440-315-3012.

Email works too. Reach Ed at… probably the best contact method other than the shop phone.

We are always eager to talk with others who share our vision of getting more people on bikes and knowing more about the bike they are on.  We always have room for more volunteers and those who want to learn more. And we all get the same pay.