Member Benefits and Privileges

The Elyria Bicycle Education Center is a membership organization. All this means is that we do charge a small fee to be a member and that once you are a member, you have certain privileges and benefits that are not available to non-members. We struggled over the fee question but settled on one that we feel is very fair. Why do we charge a fee in the first place? Well, we have expenses such as rent, utilities, supplies and insurance, just like any other business. While we do generate some revenue from the donations from bikes, that is short of our total need. So we charge a small membership fee and offer value back to those who join.

The cost? We accept a donation of $35.00 per year for an individual or $45 for a family in the same household address.* The value you get in return can be worth much more than that, depending on how much you use the Center.

Here are the benefits and privileges we’ve established for members:

1. Members can bring their bike(s) in any time the center has Open Shop times and work on their bikes in the shop, using our tools and obtaining assistance from our volunteers as available.

2. Members get a 50% discount on fees for any classes offered. Most classes will still be low cost but half off is still half off.

3. Members can purchase new items at 60% over our wholesale cost.

4. Members can add to shop orders being prepared for new items, at the 60% over cost rate. Payment is required at time of ordering.

5. Members can obtain used items discounted from non-member price, agreed by shift leader.

These privileges and benefits may be modified any time without notice.


*Any portion of the membership fee may be ‘paid’ through volunteer work at the Center. Work value is arranged through any Director or Key Volunteer. Membership privileges and benefits start once the agreed arrangement is completed. Once completed, the membership is equal to any other individual’s membership. 

You can get a printable application form with this link:

Membership application