Parking Lot Sale on Cinco de Mayo

Spring is upon us and we are getting a lot of bikes ready for you. In fact, we are getting a Parking Lot full of bikes ready for our first spring sale. And it is coincidentally going to be on Cinco de Mayo.

We’re shooting for 50 bikes being prepped for the sale, with plenty of each style of bike to pick from. Thanks to the many recent donations from the Elyria Police Department and all the nice neighbors in town, we have had many bikes to work on┬ámost of the winter.

BMX bikes, Hybrid bikes, Mountain bikes, Road bikes, and quite a few for the little ones. We’re hoping the weather will be great so we can actually hold the sale out back in our fenced-in parking lot. If not, we’ll make room somehow in our crowded show room and workspaces.

Since the event is on Cinco de Mayo, we will add to the event with Mexican-themed refreshments: Baja Popcorn that you season yourself and make as spicy as you wish; non-alcoholic Margarita Punch that lacks the kick but has plenty of punch, much like its boozy cousin; Sinaloa Salad, a fruit and veggie mix with choices of sauces and dips. We want to leave the sale with a bike under your seat and a happy tummy, too. Here is a poster you might see around town.

parking lot sale poster